Those random days

Some of the best moments are on those ordinary days… when you’re not on vacation and you don’t have company and life reveals a glimpse of heavenly joy.


Like these spring evenings when homework is done, supper has been eaten, and there is another hour before the sun goes down.



The kids twist up their swing and jump on and grab hold.  And they giggle and scream…




FullSizeRender (5)

Those days when they all try to take on their dad in a wrestling match and just can’t quite seem to keep him down!  Judd was having a great time…



When they roll around with you on the grass and laugh with their silly pup…



When you find this little paper man taped up on the wall in your piano room.  And you don’t know who made it or put it there and you realize two months later, it’s become a permanent decoration.


When you walk outside to get in the car and realize your kids had time to make some chalk pictures before school.


And when your preschool son suddenly takes a real interest in drawing.


When you look back on those pictures taken one fall afternoon playing in the leaves and realize how thankful you are for the change of seasons!



Birthday parties by the firepit after a Saturday of eating…



And those relaxed days when you have enough time to beat your daughter at UNO.

Yes, those random days are quite the best.



This particular day I was having a rough evening and Natalie made me so proud.  I can’t even remember the circumstances but she just rolled up her sleeves and helped me.  And then, when all the work in the kitchen was done she went out rollerblading with Charlie in the rain with her raincoat on.  And I had to take a picture.  She’s a treasure.


Judd and the kids and I went for a hike up C Hill in Chadron over Easter.  It was beautiful and it makes me look forward to our weeks spent in western Nebraska over the summer.  IMG_2785


And let’s finish with a look into our everyday life here in the Norman household.  Civilized, not really.  Calm, most of the time: no.  But there’s no shortage of excitement and hopefully lots of kindness… and love.    Here’s one of my favorite pictures of Jack with his puffy vest on and only underwear and socks.  Yelling.  And flexing his muscles.  This is what you will find on almost any random day in our house.  And I like it a lot.



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